It's been a little while since I've had the chance to post/vlog/pay any attention to this little blog of mine but I'm back with some big things to present to you and a special announcement!
First of all, I've been super busy catching up on editing and uploading but I finally have this little gem to show you! There's actually a really funny story that goes along with this video- Elder Riley Hodson was supposed to land at 10:45 on Thursday, February 18 but in a series of unfortunate delays, his plane didn't come in until around midnight! We were all a little tired and weary from waiting at the airport so late but you could still feel the excitement and energy as Riley saw his family for the first time in 2 years! I would happily get 4 hours of sleep every night if it meant being constantly surrounded by families full of the spirit!
This vlog shows a compilation of things from the past week including some behind the scenes of filming Elder Hodson's video!

My last announcement is CRAFT CAMP! Me and one of my best friends were accepted to go on a service tour to Thailand this summer so in order to raise the funds we are hosting a craft camp for little girls! If anybody in the Las Vegas area is interested then email me at: madipritt@yahoo.com for some more details. It's going to be super super fun! The video below shows a little sneak peek of what we will be doing!