First of all, I just have to point out the joke that this blog post title is. I don't even remember how that inside joke came about but as we were driving to the location we were shooting at, we were cracking up talking about our "grunge" inspired outfits and "hiking clothes". It was so much fun shooting with Jessica Hansen and she made us look so stinking good! I am so grateful that she got in touch with Eliza and told her to hand pick a few friends (wink wink) to help her test out her new camera. We took these a little while ago but just got them. They were so well worth the wait!
 laughing at how grunge we are^
 when the moss matches your shoelaces #grunge ^
not only do I have the sweetest friends but also the prettiest. It's kind of not fair sometimes. 
 ^ reality TV stars
"behind the scenes" with our real hiking shoes and my ponytail hah! It was also FREEZING when the sun started to go down so if you look closely you might be able to see our grunge purple lips #worthit
Thank you so so much for everything, Jessica!

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