I can not stress enough how long I have wanted to have a photoshoot in the snow like this. I've been up to the mountains countless times throughout the years and bring my camera with high hopes each time but it just never comes out like the picture I had in my head! This shoot was the exception. As we were driving up the long road to get to the prettiest spots on Mt. Charleston, the snow started coming down hard. We were all a little worried about the temperature that we would face once we got out of the car (it was just as freezing as we had expected). It was so worth it though! I'm so grateful that it was snowing while we took them because it added a whole new element to all of these pictures. You could see the snow on our hair and eyelashes and it made the prettiest blur in the background. Priscilla is seriously so talented and I am always grateful for the opportunities she gives me.
 working on a super special project... stay tuned guys
 Funny story: we didn't have anything to mix our hot chocolate up with so one of the girls pulled out a lip gloss and started stirring ours with it. Desperate times call for desperate measures...
 Another funny story: I saw these mittens at Anthro and reeeeally wanted them. Of course I had no practical reason to get them (until they crossed my mind on the day of the shoot). After school I hustled over to Fashion Show Mall as fast as I could to pick up a pair of these babies. They were even on sale!
Thank you so so much for these lovely pictures, Priscilla! I absolutely can not wait to see how our upcoming photo shoots turn out!

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