There is a serious back story that goes along with this desk/table. A loooong time ago (pre-thanksgiving time ago) GAP was moving locations and selling everything at discounted rates. The clothes, the mannequins, and the furniture. So my mom ended up spontaneously buying 2 tables from them with intentions of replacing our kitchen table. From what I heard of the story, she didn't know which would look better (the circular one or long one) and they, of course, could not hold any items long enough for her to go home and think about it. The round table ended up being the winner, leaving the other suspended in our living room waiting for a home. Finally we decided to give my book shelf, chest, and desk to my little sister and put the long table in their place. It was no easy task getting it up the stairs (as many of you probably saw in my latest vlog). I have a super dad. I had to deal with a few days living in the rubble of my bookshelf's contents before my shelves came and I had a chance to go through everything but it was a small price to pay for the result. My dad seriously is the best handyman in the world and knows how to get a job done. We had my mirror and all 6 of my shelves up within a few hours. I absolutely love how it turned out (super sad I'll only be able to enjoy it for a little bit before I move away). Here are a few pictures of the end result!
I tried to take a lot of what would normally have just been sitting on my desk top and put them on the shelves. That gold box is full of note cards, the tin case (which is my up-cycled Anthropologie candle lol) is full of paper clips and tacks, and if you look closely my pink ruler is strategically placed behind all this to stay somewhat hidden hah!
The peonies were a great finishing touch so thank you to the sweet boy that got them for me ;) 
I'm hoping I can keep this whole clean desk thing up because I love it hah! It makes me feel so much more productive to have a nice work space. I am so so lucky that my mom came across this awesome find!

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