This year couldn't have been off to a better start. It feels like January has drug on forever and ever but I think that's mainly because of all the awesome things I was able to do during these past 31 days. I lived the last few days of winter break to the fullest going on fun ice skating dates, had bachelor night with my nearest and dearest and some macaroons to keep us company, celebrated TONS of birthdays, started vlogging (so far that's off to a great start and I can not wait for years from now when I can look back on them), rearranged my room, was accepted into multiple colleges (decision is still to come), started filming the best video I think I've ever done (stay tuned guys!), and met one of my major role models, Elaine S. Dalton! I seriously have so much to be grateful for. I'm trying to soak up every last normal second I have before the year of change starts to really become the year of change. 

1/31- a great start to a new year, Jacob starting his mission, Drake
1/30- Jacobs birthday date, sister dalton and her words, clean bed sheets
1/29- drake, the Mr. Panthers loving my video, Eliza
1/28- Syd Stagg heart to hearts (I'll miss so much), sequin shirts, my testimony
1/27- the mr. Panther video, ghiradelli chocolate chips, late night babysitting jobs
1/26- bishop Leavitt, all the mr. Panthers, mutual
1/25- ice cream, freshly cut hair, freshly blown out hair
1/24- prayers, not being sick, Bethany bulloch's closet
1/23- my healthy & able body, date night, the feeling AFTER (not during) a run
1/22- being accepted to USU, my fluffy robe, the laundry machine
1/21- Panera, Mr. Shimko's life lessons, Nena & Co camera straps
1/20- 10 months, sadies commotion, slow days at work
1/19- young women's leaders, my health, senior ditch day
1/18- forgiveness, macaroons, bachelor/wedding video girls night
1/17- Gabrielle, awesome young women's leaders, caramel apples
1/16- aunt ce and uncle Kyle, a healthy body, sugar cookie dough
1/15- parents that have movie night when my friends ditch me, mint ice cream, birchbox, getting my desired grades on all my finals
1/14- a dad that hangs up my shelves, double dates with parents, getting to go to seminary
1/13- getting a B in pre calc, my shelves, a mom that makes my bed
1/12- new tables in my room, shaving cream marbling, the bachelor
1/11- Rachel Anderson, understanding math, cactus joes
1/10- the 6 months I have before 2 years, the blessings I'll get for driving an extra 10 minutes to church, mint ice cream
1/9- new beginnings (vlogging), Jacobs cute presents, the gorgeous city I live in
1/8- not having to sit by Jordan Kemp in physics this year, heart to hearts with Syd, at home gel nails
1/7- Priscilla Davis snow photo shoots, yoga, Sydney Stagg's mutual love of vlogs
1/6- one line a day journals, new phone cases, Spotify
1/5- good ideas, Emma Nielsen, random people I don't know who stop me in the school halls to tell me my videos are good
1/4- a phone screen that isn't cracked, the bachelor, my smoothie blender
1/3- such a fun last winter break, blog posts that turn out perfectly, new outfits
1/2- game nights, warm sweaters, staying in my bed with my laptop all morning
1/1- ice skating dates, my new phone (FINALLY), a new year!

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