This December has really been one for the books. Besides trying my hardest to take in all of the Holiday spirit I was busy planning & carrying out winter wishes, pretending to know what was going on in the new Star Wars movie for the midnight premiere, laughing at 2 drugged friends after they got their wisdom teeth out, picking out presents for friends and family, wrapping those presents in the most perfect OCD way possible, taking pictures at the Christmas tree farms all over town, building snow men on Christmas eve, and making videos. Seriously I don't think I've ever made this many videos in such a short amount of time (5 just this month to be exact) I absolutely love the hustle and bustle of it all though. I'm going to miss the holiday cheer so much but I absolutely can't wait to see what this new year brings to me. 

and of course... this month's gratitude list:

12/31- fresh starts, resolutions, all the crazy things that are yet to happen in 2016
12/30- funny wisdom teeth drugs, movie nights, mommy daughter dates
12/29- getting tucked in, new shampoo, photoshoots with friends 
12/28- New York New York roller coaster, fashion show mall, anthropologie 
12/27- the best 2 years, Gabs and Drake, Hannah 
12/26- my parents, my warm blankets, my room 
12/25- it's a wonderful life, my many gifts, my warm & welcome home
12/24- Christmas Eve, good friends, snowman traditions 
12/23- Christmas Eve eve, gratitude prayers, when I get cute sweaters from sweet people
12/22- soft robes, cold weather, cozy covers 
12/21- Christmas music, new coats, heated blankets
12/20- Christmas Sunday, my crazy family, movies on my laptop
12/19- days sleeping in, winter break, perfectly wrapped gifts
12/18- kids to babysit, seminary, days off of school 
12/17- Star Wars midnight hype, freshly washed hair, running water
12/16- drake, krayvings, dog sitting
12/15- the temple, Mrs. Fraker opening her door the second my little prayer for her to open the door ends (it's the little things), in-n-out
12/14- getting to paint at work, little Drake, sister Ewell complimenting my testimony and devotional 
12/13- the Fellows, opportunities for videos, Tiffanys Christmas commercials 
12/12- "deerest" friends, early Christmas, aux cords
12/11- opportunities to serve, winter wishes, student council
12/10- Christmas decorations, MaCall McClellan, teachers with a sense of humor
12/9- big birthday party tips at work, leaped print shoes, seminary Christmas morning side.
12/8- mutual, Sister Davis, Sister Leavitt
12/7- getting tucked in, lavender oil, Hannah (my healer)
12/6- holiday parties, spiritual gifts, soft hair 
12/5- little kids to babysit, playing house, cold stone ice cream
12/4- ward Christmas parties, girls night, vsco filters for Lightroom
12/3- photoshop, Aspyn+Parker, my family
12/2- video opportunities, missionary opportunities, education opportunities
12/1- fluffy blankets, yummy treats, Christmas decorations

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