This weekend I had the best time ever taking one of my longest friends, Emma, out for a late birthday breakfast and on a little photo excursion to Cactus Joe's. I had heard of this place before (a few girls at my school go there all the time to take super cute and candid pictures) but I never had the time or anybody to go clear out to Blue Diamond with. Emma is a veteran at this place so she showed me and Hannah the ropes after we got our breakfast. Seriously it's the cutest little place. I didn't know that places like this could exist in Las Vegas. Granted, it was a bit of a drive but it was still so fun to drive through Red Rock and see the snow on the top of the mountains. We've been getting a ton of rain/slush in the valley as of late which is amazing (I took advantage of the snow up in Mt. Charleston and had a little photoshoot there with Priscilla Davis and a few of the other spokesmodels so check back for that. I got a sneak peek at some of the raws and they look so good!). Also, I started something super super exciting this weekend which is at the bottom of this blog post ;)
 Emma is seriously one of the best people that I know. I have never heard one bad thing about another person come out of her mouth and anytime I leave after being with her I feel so great about myself because of all the genuine compliments she gives me. I remember back to my first day of middle school being so scared but having Emma with me while we walked to our first class (homeroom). Our last names are close in the alphabet but the rooms actually cut off between Pa and Pr so she had to leave me to go to her class. I remember after she left and I was walking alone I felt so vulnerable and self conscious in addition to having no idea where to go (lol at my little 6th grade self). To this day I think that I feel the same way about her. If I didn't have Emma I don't know what I would do. 
she's a gem 

And the whole reason why you're at the bottom of this post...
the big surprise is that I STARTED VLOGGING!!
I don't know if this is a weekly thing or just whenever thing (or even a permanent thing hah!) but I have wanted to do it for so long! Me and a few of my friends are addicted to watching Aspyn + Parker, Mimi Ikonn, Hailey Devine, and Amber Fillerup vlogs and seeing all the fun and cute things they do. We've always been mad at ourselves for not vlogging during our church history trip when we went to New York, DC, and so many other cool places, just the everyday experiences we have hanging out, and taking trips down to the city. Even though I like to make my little hilight videos and put them on Vimeo I feel like vlogs are so different. They are more narrated, casual, and personal. I have wanted to do something like this for so long but was just being held back by fear of criticism or people thinking that I am trying to brag about my life when in reality I just want to document the super fun time I am having. (fast forward the video to 3:41 if you want to hear me say that in person hah!). Friday night me and my friend Sydney were talking about it and decided that our lives are so exciting, we have such a cute group of friends, and there aren't enough vloggers our age so we spontaneously started. I realized that to start anything you can't wait for the perfect time, you just have to begin and let it grow. I look back to 4 years ago when I first started generalized loveliness and I didn't want to let my face appear in the posts and I especially didn't want anybody from school to find out about it. Eventually word did get out and I am so grateful for that because my blog has become such a big part of my life. If I had never stepped outside of my comfort zone I have no clue where I would be today. I don't think by any means these will replace the videos I put on Vimeo because they have such a different feel to them and I'll also probably vlog way more often than upload hilight videos.
Take a little look at my very first one up there and let me know if you want to see more of these! I'm still figuring this whole youtube thing out but I had so much fun making this one and hopefully there's more where it came from.

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