My family doesn't have very many traditions that are uniquely ours. Building the snowman, however, is one of our most cherished and cared for traditions. Since we moved to hot and dry Las Vegas I can remember making the drive up to Mt. Charleston to fill the trucks up with snow along with our neighbors. While in the mountains, we sled, make hot chocolate on a little burner, and take pictures. Lots of pictures. After our dads shovel snow into their trucks we drive back down to our street and dump all the snow we collected into the middle of it then build a snowman. Even though it usually only lasts a few days and crazy kids end up destroying it, I know we can all feel the Christmas cheer by turning this warm city into more of what it should be during this time. 
 read about this tradition from years past:
then & now
 so thrilled about Christmas Eve his smile couldn't be contained in the picture...
 look closely at Drake's cheek. He landed in the mud after a freak sledding accident.
 Jacob brought a few of his siblings and his dog up & it was the hilight of this year I'm pretty sure. 
I heart my hood.

watch the little video I made about this here

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