This weekend was SO much fun & SO many great pictures came out of it. It all started with me just keeping my camera in my car this weekend so that I could try to get some pictures (because the upcoming November in pictures post was about to be running a little dry) but it turned out I got the best premature Christmas pictures ever. It's not even Thanksgiving yet and my instagram feed is already plastered with blurred lights, trees, and ornaments.
Friday me and a few friends drove down to the strip to finally have a little Ghiradelli hot chocolate date.  Every time I drive down Summerlin Parkway to the strip I can't help but think about the scene in Great Gatsby when everybody is driving across the bridge to go to the city dancing and partying in their cars hah! I know those times will be coming to an end soon so it makes me want to cherish them every time that I get.
Saturday night Hannah was randomly texting our friend Corbin who has been up at college and he was able to meet up with us for a little while too. He was so thoughtful to have brought his camera along too. Downtown Summerlin (our favorite place ever) has their trees and ice rink all set up too and it was the perfect place to have a little photo shoot with Corbin. Thanks for all these lovely shots, Corbin!

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