MIX NO. 14

Guys it has been so long since I've made one of these (I stalked my own archives and found that its been over 9 months since I've done one) which is not okay! The other night me and a dear friend were listening to music and he told me that I had the most wonderful taste in music. It just got me thinking that I really need to throw another lovely playlist out there. Please excuse the insane lateness of this playlist and enjoy the songs.
*and just so you all are aware I have this year's Christmas playlist coming in hot so hold on to your seats. If you absolutely can not wait until that one is up you can enjoy the past 2014 & 2013 holiday playlists to hold you over.
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SONG (& song commentary) LIST:
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1. great big storm // nate ruess
honestly one of the theme songs of my senior year so far. There's a weird part in it but just ignore that…

2. you are in love // taylor swift
why on Earth is this song such a secret!? *if you want need to find it on iTunes don't just search "Taylor Swift" you have to search "you are in love" to uncover it from the deep dark corners of iTunes. You're welcome everybody

3. can't help falling in love with you // haley reinhart
This song makes my heart melt. Every. Single. Time. So does the commercial it was in  

4. cheap sunglasses // rac
We all have one person in our lives that we can relate this song to don't deny it

5. wasn't expecting that // jamie lawson
The music video for this song will melt your heart even more than song #3 on this list did

6. come to me // goo goo dolls
I know what you're thinking… Goo Goo Dolls what the heck? But it's good trust me

7. dancing in the moonlight // top loader
Added to the wedding reception playlist that I may or may not be making for one day…

8. holding on holding out // tall heights
How did I even find this song?

9. from eden // hozier
I've had this one up my sleeve for quite a while (but then again I haven't made a playlist in a while either)

10. hide away // daya
I know this is basic because it's on the radio but that doesn't make it any less good (and the words she's singing about are NOT a sub song to Jacob just throwing that out there. He's golden.)

11. kiss me // sixpence none the richer
me & my co-worker's favorite pandora station to play in the studio

12. sound & color // alabama shakes
do yourself a favor and watch Apple's latest commercial featuring this song. You won't regret that 30 seconds. Don't judge me for being nerdy and into that kind of stuff

13. love me like you do (abbey road performance) // ellie goulding
I don't care what song it is, the acoustic version is always better. This one sounds straight out of a Disney princess movie when you get to the middle of it

14. octahate // ryn weaver
this one is also slightly on the basic side but still good

15. prettiest thing // oh darling
I wanted to make a homecoming video to this song SO bad!! I ended up going a different direction with it (you can see it here) but I still hope I find a video to use this song in sometime

16. sunrise // norah jones
whenever I get the chance to take a nap you can pretty much bet that this song is playing

17. without love // hairspray
this one's for you Syd Stagg. Xoxo

18. listen to the man // george ezra
Ignore the part in the middle where they're talking… I don't know what happened…

19. you are enough // sleeping at last
another one I've been saving for quite a while

20. someone new // hosier
ignore the first 20 seconds of this one… sorry guys I don't know what happened again. 8 tracks changes the files I upload I think.

21. resolution // matt corby
saving one of the best for last (or almost last)

22. bones // josh record
If you can tell me the episode of Grey's Anatomy this if from then we are most likely soul sisters

23. as we ran // the national parks
used in a recent video (you can watch here) my videos wouldn't be half as descent without good songs

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Morgan Nebeker said...

I watched the music videos of all of these, and the middle of listen to the man and the beginning of someone new is part of the music video... that's why there's extra stuff in it! I absolutely love your blog and adore your mixes. <3