October has flown by and the gratitude list is still going strong! In the spirit of it being November and the season of thanksgiving I wanted to throw a little challenge out there for you guys to start your own good things list and watch it grow as this month goes by. It's something so simple but can seriously change your whole attitude. Back in August before my senior year had begun and I had started this little list I was honestly so anxious and scared for what the future would bring- where I would end up compared to where my friends would and if senior year would live up to the high standards that former upper class men had claimed it to be. I was even slightly dissapointed for what I had to show for my high school "accomplishments" thus far. Though those feelings of comparison and self doubt are still slightly present in my mind some days, looking at my growing list of good things I am always reminded that I'm living the life of dreams. Without my gratitude list it would have been impossible for me to recognize all of the little daily things that I am blessed with. It has helped me to see my Heavenly Fathers kindness towards me more in addition to the things I would normally take for granted. There are days I can remember from years ago that I would literally be praying for what I have now. 

*It was probably one of the sweetest things anybody has ever said to me when Amy Leavitt was talking about weaknesses in Sunday school one day. She said something about how it was one of her weaknesses to recognize all the good things in life and when she read the post from last month on the blog it helped her realize this small trait she needed to work on. I absolutely love hearing about the little differences I may have helped make in someone's life. 

So with that said I hope you'll all consider my good things challenge and give your life's perspective a little refinement (& here's my list from this past month if you care to browse it)

10/31- Halloween, aunt Tasha, Drake (for sharing his candy with me)
10/30- airplanes, good extended family, my mom as an extended family escape partner
10/29- my kind Heavenly Father, GAP, warm sweaters
10/28- my toothbrush, cozy pajamas, senior stu co
10/27- Rachel Anderson, Suzie Fife, pumpkin patches
10/26- audio books to listen to in the car, chipotle, the opportunity to apply to colleges
10/25- the gospel, my spiritual thoughts notes, tetanus shots
10/24- customers that tell my boss I did a good job, Hannah, chocolate covered strawberries
10/23- my camera, siblings, good parents
10/22- my mom, my blog, my talents
10/21- a closet full of beautiful clothes, birthday dinners, an amazing dad
10/20- plaid scarfs, 7 months, Gabrielle
10/19- math tutors, new & improved work schedules, Anthropologie candles
10/18- kids that sing extra loud during the primary program, sister missionaries, Jacobs foot rubs
10/17- random people who visit me at work, parents who love me, boys that smell good 
10/16- murder in Elizas pitch black house, getting out of work early, lunch with Bethany
10/15- Eagle Scouts, photoshoots, French connection
10/14- an understanding boss, strawberry sour belts, Savannah Hansen 
10/13- dads job, babysitting for the laws, getting good (acceptable) grades on math tests
10/12- canes from mrs Vacante, understanding math, pretty denim dresses 
10/11- new Sunday school teachers, my camera, Gabrielle 
10/10- the power or prayer, getting to go to homecoming, being friends with Sydney again
10/9- the last chance to be on the homecoming float, Lexi Day, everyone that made my high school life up to this point amazing
10/8- packages in the mail, pedicures, being able to go to homecoming
10/7- the sun not being in my eyes on the drive to seminary anymore, Palani Johnson, bundt cakes
10/6- a mom to call when the kitchen floods, having no homework, decorating the quad for homecoming (when there's no more rain)
10/5- rainy days literally the day after you bought rain boots, understanding math, buying pumpkins
10/4- general conference, calico basin, rainy days 
10/3- hunter boots, general conference, having more than 3 things to be grateful for each day 
10/2- Sydney stagg, heart to hearts, the last hallway decorating day I'll ever have
10/1- homecoming set up, Bethany Bulloch, cold Octobers coming soon

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