Since freshman year, to me fall and the start of school is so exciting. All of the hopes for the coming year are high and it seems like everyones spirits are too. For me one of the things that has always made this season so grand is being a part of the homecoming festivities. Each class works all summer & all September to build these floats and decorate these halls and it always turns out SO amazing!
Last year when student council applications were due for the coming school year I wasn't planning on applying. I didn't want to have to deal with the countless hours spent putting decorations together, changing my plans and diverting from the group on homecoming night to make it to the dance (for 300 points), having to stay an extra hour on A days for the class, and so many other things on top of my busy work schedule. But Bethany Bulloch talked me into doing it another year somehow and I'm so grateful that she did. I'll be honest it is hard at times to make it work but I am so glad that I can finish off my senior year with the same traditions as years before. 
This year the school's homecoming theme was around the world. Seniors getting first pick, there was a lot of debate and thought put into if we would be Europe or Asia. In the end Asia was the clear pick for us, mainly for the reason that we would get to wear cute Chinese dresses on the float and decorate our hall with lanterns.
 "we retire as champions"
-Bethany Bulloch (with credit to Jayden Hoogland)
 For as long as I can remember, the seniors were just these AMAZING, unknown people that did incredible things. The seniors were just the mysterious ones with the incredible looking float at the bottom of the football ramp. I seriously idolized the seniors and the spectacular things that they were doing. When looking up to them, though some of them were my friends, most of their positions seemed unattainable to me. So to be a senior now seems a little unreal. While we were all standing up on the float before it was time for the half time parade, our class of 2016 stu-co advisor looked up at us and said something along the lines of "this is your senior year guys. Just try to take it all in and enjoy it." It's really hard to put into words the feelings I felt while I was standing up on the float with these people I've spent high school with. Tonight was the night that it really started to feel like the beginning of the end.
It's just kind of hard to think that this is my last year getting to do all this. This year it's a lot more sentimental knowing that I won't get to work on floats and clean up assemblies ever again. It makes it more of a privilege than a burden. I guess it's both happy and sad all at the same time that this is the year of lasts

"This is your senior year guys. Just enjoy it and take it all in"
-Mr. Read

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