I am so overjoyed that this little pumpkin patch photo shoot happened! There were a lot of times that I thought it wouldn't work out to get a little group to go with me but it all worked out in the end. Suzie tagged along last minute after English class and Bethany tagged along as we were pulling out of the parking lot. It was so spontaneous on this random Tuesday but that's one of the perks of senior year/getting out of school at 11- taking  pictures at the pumpkin patch and going out for lunch all while the underclassmen are still at school. It's so odd to think back on this little tradition and how much things have changed throughout the years. It's even more odd to think about what this tradition will be like next year but I hope with all of my heart that I'm able to keep it up! 
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 "I wonder if people will know it was 85 degrees when we took these pictures… *nervous laughter*" -Sav
Plus I got to rush home to babysit this little cutie so overall, today was pretty outstanding.

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