Fall Lately

 GUYS!! Las Vegas temperatures dropped like 1,000,000 degrees this weekend and it was pouring rain so that officially means that I can make a fall blog post without feeling desperate for summer to be over already. So besides that huge deal, here are a few other reasons why fall is in full swing and I could not be more excited about it. 
 I managed to sneak away from homecoming set up for like 5 minutes to go pick up a chocolate chip cookie bucket for us hard working senior class stu-co and discovered that Trader Joe's has pumpkins (and they are perfect… if I wasn't in such a hurry I would have bought all of them. Without question).
 Also, conference Sunday I got to take a walk with a very sweet boy in one of our favorite places, Calico Basin. It was also a great opportunity to wear my new Hunters!!! (I've wanted these for so long nobody even understands)
 It's also fall because I'm still drowning in thank you cards from my birthday (exactly a month ago from tomorrow so it's safe to say I'm a little behind… If you haven't gotten yours don't be offended… practically nobody has)
 It's fall because I took my school pictures. Last picture day I'll ever have. It's casual.
 I've been getting sweet treats from a secret admirer lately too...
 Our seminary teacher taught a lesson the other day about a man who asked a woman to bake him a pie. After she did so and gave it to him, she asked him why he wanted her to do that. The man replied by saying, "well aren't you supposed to serve the ones you love?" 
you sneaky boy. 
 and you know it's fall because homecoming decorations are in full force. practically dropped all other responsibilities to help our class president with this stuff that's how you know it's gonna be real. 

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