For as long as I can remember, at the beginning of the school year, the seniors wear their crowns, spell out witty phrases with their shirts (we are so done '16 for example), take the class panoramic picture on the bleachers, and indulge in a super delicious gourmet breakfast (usually inclusive of donuts and a juice box) courtesy of student council. For some reason the memory has stuck with me throughout all my years of high school of way back in 2012 when one of my senior friends was driving me and a few other unlicensed freshmen from seminary to school on the day of his senior breakfast. He had a crown in his car and we all were wondering what it was for and he just said something about it being a senior privilege. And I just thought that it would be so so long until I would be a senior and get to be doing those things. And flash forward to today, I did those things. It's just hard to believe it's the beginning of the end already.
 I woke up at 4:30 am to be able to set up by 5 am to have the field ready by 6:15 am so you could imagine how real the exhaustion was. I'm the kind of person that can hardly even function when I don't have my sleep so there were several mental breakdowns. The epitome of these was while sitting in our senior class president's mom's car (so that I could have some light in the pre-dawn pitch blackness) trying to untangle a knot of tassels (the very ones you see in that picture up there) and I couldn't help but start bawling because I got 5 hours of sleep and the dang tassels would not cooperate. I pulled it together real fast though because a few angel freshmen woke up early to help us too and untangled it for me. 
"Team work makes the dream work" 
-Caroline Vacante, PVHS Stu-Co advisor
 my main Os
the best part of the morning was the golden lighting no joke
family pic
 we DONUT want to grow up
 and hanging up this sign for the panoramic picture was a struggle let me tell ya.
one of the hilights of this morning that I hope I don't forget was when me and Bethany (the greatest senior class president there ever was) were in the field, surrounded by all of our fellow class mates, probably some high school musical song hand picked for the playlist playing in the background, and she looks at me and just says "we're seniors" and we had a cheesy moment to reflect on the fact that we are leaving soon and this is real life. Bethany if you're reading this thanks for carrying out and creating the best traditions in the most wonderful way. The class of 2016 would be pretty depressing without all your hard work. 

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