Because only one day isn't good enough... I need the whole labor day weekend to celebrate my passage into seventeenhood (or maybe rather I just have amazing friends that are willing to fill the ENTIRE weekend with an incredible activity every single day). Seriously guys I can't even express it. I feel SO loved after this weekend it feels like a dream. I have the best people out there tucked into my little circle of friends.
 Friday we had no school because of a "staff development day" (PRAISE CLARK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT) so the celebrations began there. Jacob took me out to treat me to a little pedicure and possibly the best part... he decided to get one for himself. Seriously this will become a regular thing it was so funny.
"how does it feel Jacob?"
"it feels like my feet are on a cloud. I don't think I'll be able to walk after this"
 after all that we went and got dressed up for more birthday surprises. Jacob took me out to the Ghiradelli factory and we feasted on this little gem
 and for the first time ever I got to go on the High Roller (thanks mama Danielle!). I don't know why I hadn't done this sooner!! The view was incredible from every angle.
 After the High Roller we drove back to Summerlin and I found out when Jacob pulled up to his grandparent's house that him and his family had spent the day setting up this gorgeous little scene complete with lights, roses, and a little space for dancing. And we waltzed. I'm still not sure if this was real life or not because it really really felt like a dream.
 Saturday (September 5th) was my actual birthDAY and I was treated by my little brother and sister and Jacob (notice the heart out of whipped cream and fruit) to chocolate waffles in bed. For as long as I can remember this has been a family tradition and it makes me so sad to think that this could be my last birthday getting it before I go live in a dorm and have to make my own birthday waffles in bed,
 after a fun filled day of shopping and apple store browsing I had a little family dinner at CPK and we indulged in a complimentary birthday ice cream. 
 after dinner a few friends suspiciously dragged me away from my house for an hour and I came home to THIS!
 a room full of pictures... somebody knows the way to my heart
I can not wait for homecoming with this sweet boy!
    photo output_zfODiL_zpsrpwyxf0p.gif
Monday morning I woke up to this^^ 
 these crazy homegirls broke and entered my room and had me going to my birthday surprise before I could even brush my teeth or hair
 the Wynn Buffet was to DIE for. We stuffed ourselves with a 4 course breakfast it's casual.
 and I had my turn wearing the birthday girl shirt :)))
 we finished the long weekend off by having a spectacular lake day
MASSIVE MASSIVE HUGE GINORMOUS thank you to every single person who made my seventeenth so incredibly grand. I have never felt so loved, appreciated, and adored as I have this past weekend. I truly have the best boyfriend, friends, and family in the universe. I love you all!

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