Summer Leftovers

 I feel like often times we start off in June with a whole agenda of things that we want to get done- take a road trip to the beach for the day, go to a water park, clean out your room, get through an entire series on netflix, re-do your bathroom, skinny dip, get crazy tan, light off fireworks in the caves, throw a huge party, and the list goes on. And we find ourselves on the last day of summer, having done little to none of these things on the list, trying to cram the best last adventure in before the dreaded school year starts. When it all comes down to it I had uncountable things that went unchecked on my summer bucket list but somehow I still can look back on these past few days and think about how incredible it was. Here are a few of my "last summer adventures" of 2015:
 I helped calm some of the little incoming class of 2019's fears at freshmen orientation… and unofficially me and Bethany won for the best JC sign (I mean just LOOK at those tassels!!)
multiple fun boating days with my favorite people 
 I did Hannah's gorgeous Rapunzel hair and then we had a photoshoot
 I also ended up going in front of the camera & whipping out the polaroid
 I took a turn planning a date and took this cute boy to the shark tanks at Mandalay Bay (and highly recommend this. It was so cool we faced sharks with nothing but glass in between us and got to touch stinger less sting rays)
 I got to celebrate Eliza's birthday a solid 44 days late 
 I got these lovely little things 
 and spent the last last day taking advantage of our free wet n wild passes with my favorite girls in the universe
*cue post summer depression*

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