This is the Hannah Leavitt appreciation blog post. It was her birthday on the 25th (aka the second day of school) so we decided to take her out on the town to celebrate. This little street down by the Linq is by far one of my favorite parts of the strip. It's a hidden gem but once you find it there's no going back. It is stocked with the coolest stores, an adorable little pizza parlor (I don't know the name even though we went there), the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory, the famous polaroid store, and, the icing on the cake (literally), Sprinkles Cupcakes. All that is within walking distance even in heels. 
 Besides being freaking adorable and having better hair than any other human being on this planet, Hannah is one of the most incredible friends that I could think of. She always gets me out of my grumpy morning moods by sending me the most hilarious vines, is there for me whenever I need somebody to tell me I don't suck, always is at my beckon call for spontaneous shopping trips and target runs (I'm usually at hers too), and is always a finger when I can count the people I like on one hand. 
"Hannah strike a sassy pose" 
 is that Addison Doezie?
Thanks for being such a great friend and having a birthday this week so I could eat all my sorrows about senior year starting out in a delicious cupcake. Love you Han.

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