Out of all the month in review posts, August has a track record for being the hardest one to make. It's because school is barely in and I have to look through all the wonderful and colorful pictures from summer while crying because it's over (post summer depression is a real thing guys like literally I made a whole blog post about it last year). It's always bittersweet moving forward into a new chapter of life but so far senior year is full of more exciting things than disappointments. I will always look back on the August memories as some of the best times in my life though. I had an unforgettable trip to Maui, spontaneous boating days, water park excursions, nights out to celebrate birthdays with friends, doggy walking dates, 20 hours of freshmen orientation prep, and my last first day of (high)school. See you in 179 days graduation (oh yikes). August, though so so sad to say bye to, is always one of my faves. Plus there is so many things to look forward to like homecoming, my birthday, and all the happy days of my life that haven't happened yet. 

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