This year to celebrate the fourth we all went out on the lake for an adventurous day. A few hilights included falling off the tube and being kneed in the stomach by one of these two, getting slightly scratched up by an avalanche of rocks trying to climb up a rock to cliff jump, and getting an insane rope burn and bruise after falling off the knee board and being pushed under water by the tube. But it's okay because Jacob wake boarded and learned to ski for the first time and Eliza learned to knee board and ski. Plus we got some grand pictures out of this joyous day.
 ^this is not fair
 sorry for cropping you out Jacob, you jumped in too fast
also can we take a moment to enjoy Jacob's hair & that little photo-bomber in the back 
^this picture was taken about 3 seconds before this happened...

And the following pictures have nothing to do with our July fourth adventures but I felt the need to share how lucky I am...
 Jacob built this little teepee on his trampoline and set up a projector & screen so we could watch a movie in it and it was basically THE coolest thing ever

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