The Junior Year Video

School ends tomorrow and naturally it wouldn't be complete without a hilight video to sum up the year.  This video has been in the works for a solid 9 months and I'd have to say it's one of the best by far.

A few things that have happened to me since August 2014 when all this junior year madness began:
-I turned sixteen and with that got all of the glorified privileges that come with sixteen hood; dating, driving, car ownership, etc.
-I got to have the time of my life at homecoming (freshly able to date and the best first high school dance I could have ever asked for)
-I got (and quit/was fired from) my first job ever at Billy's Barbecue. (But then was temporarily rehired to make a promotional video so no hard feelings)
-I met and became close with a whole group of new people- and it's safe to say that because of this particular occurrence my life will never be the same again
-I lost some of the best friends that I have ever had (which absolutely sucks and is something that I do not advise to anybody)
-I found myself and started making more videos. (Megan + Jaren and Share Goodness were both huge milestones)
-I developed a new appreciation for off roading and hikes

That's all I have time to say because I really need to be studying for my finals for tomorrow but I hope that my little tid bits of life lessons were somewhat helpful...

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