A Fancy Night

 Rather than going through the hassle of prom this year, we decided to get a little group together to have a classy & fancy evening down in the city. This night was truly magical and I loved every second of it. 
And of course, my camera made quite a few appearances throughout the night.
 if I had a flower for every time he made me laugh, I would have an extensive garden
 the evening began with the girls getting all fancied up together (and having a little shameless pre-photoshoot by the neighbor's pretty plants)
doing little twirls in this dress was one of the many joys of tonight.
we ventured down to the strip and started off  by taking pictures at the Bellagio Gardens before dinner
after walking around in the conservatory for a while, we headed out to watch the fountains
 thank you very much random bystander for offering to take such a great blurry picture 
(unfortunately it's one of the only pictures we got the whole night of all of us)
 this picture was taken about 1 second before the crazy wind made the fountains spray all over us
 im not sure if this counts as a group picture or not
low key all the girls relieved themselves of the foot pain that comes from 2 hours straight of walking in heels at dinner time. (it's okay, the table cloth was long enough that nobody would ever know) 
 following dinner at Maggiano's we went to Serendipity 3 and indulged in frozen hot chocolate (it's one thing that never gets old).
 and I can't forget about the little dance party we had on the way out
 classic bathroom shot.
 to finish off the night the boys got tickets to enjoy the city view from the top of the stratosphere
I just love living in this beautiful city & I love fun dates like this. Tonight was the best.

I wasn't planning on posting a video but I couldn't help but share this little glimpse of the evening

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