Camera Roll Of The Past 15 Days

 This easter, me and Hannah were basically pro egg decorators. You probably can't see it, but Hannah's yellow egg says "killin' it" (which we are)
 Jacob came across these pretty little cactus flowers on one of his off road excursions…
one of them may or may not have somehow found a new home with my succulents
 yay for playing dress up in the stores #shameless
words don't even begin to describe how much I love Eliza.  
thank you for the insight, Panda. Let's hope it holds true ;)
 And to celebrate me making it through the ACT's + Jacob's first official paycheck we went out for some shaved ice. The picture doesn't do it justice but it was OVERFLOWING- by the time we got out of the parking lot Jacob practically looked like he was attacked by a wild animal or something because of all the red flavoring that made it onto his clothes. 
a significant amount also made it onto our tongues… 
Every spoon = one sample we made Devon serve to us when we visited him at his new job
(not even including the ones that I threw away before Jacob could put them into his little sherbet sculpture)
 He's really not too bad to have around
get excited for this latest project coming soon which entailed things like covering my camera in saran wrap + plastic bags and swirling it with ice cream (proud to say that no damage was done as far as I know)
walks to the park with Hannah have also been a little joy of life lately. 

I'm very happy it's finally my favorite season :')

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