Today was one of those rarest of rare days that I wake up to a text from Hannah saying, "AM I THE ONLY ONE SEEING THIS!?" and I look out my widow and see fresh snow scattered all along the un-expecting bushes and trees of Las Vegas. Apparently days like this only happen once every five years. So when they do it is 100% appropriate to run outside and have a photo shoot before school starts, the sun comes out, the snow melts, and Summerlin returns to it's everyday winter wonderland-less self. It was a February 23 miracle.
words do not even begin to express the pure joy that was felt when taking these pictures.
candids of Hannah about to drive through this winter wonderland
 It may or may not have taken me over 15 minutes to drive the usual 5 minute route to seminary because I had to pull over and take a couple million pictures along the way.
 and a little drive up Redrock did me very well because the snow actually stuck up there.
"look at the skyyy!!"
Thats apparently Las Vegas for ya- 80 degrees and sunny on Saturday, snowing on Monday. (I'm not complaining though)

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