This post is in honor of the best/worst holiday of the entire year- Valentines Day!
I came across this pin the other day and absolutely fell in love with it. I was so inspired to make my own little valentines for my nearest and dearest.  
 To make the cards I started by just painting strokes of different shades of pink and red all over a few pieces of watercolor paper. After that dried I traced hearts on the back of the paper, cut them out, and added names to make them a bit more personalized...
 To make the Hershey Kiss pretzels I followed this recipe. They were so easy- it probably took a total of 30 minutes to pop out 100+
 yay valentines treats for EVERYONE!
Other valentine's day festivities included me and Lexi being crazy enough to think that we could cut out 3,000+ hearts for everyone in the entire school to have one with their name on it. It only took 4,782,941,908+ hours to finish the biggest student council obligation of our lives. 
stay tuned when we clover attack the school for St. Patrick's day (just kidding that's NOT going to happen)

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