Homecoming Week / Life Lately

(please ignore the sandwich in Bethany's hand)
I don't have too many pictures to show for it, but here is what life has been the past few weeks…
 The Happiest Homecoming on Earth = success
I even made it into Lexi's fantastic junior-class-student-council-scrapbook
a spectacular movie night
western wednesday
just about as close as you can get to the real disneyland… mickey ears + churros
 as it turns out all those millions of hours put into homecoming set ups paid off because juniors win for best hall and float...
 we also tried washing our cars for the first time… (also a huge success)
sweet addiction runs could be my new favorite thing
new mall openings are an occasion that is clearly appropriate to celebrate with confetti
CONFETTI on Make A Gif
and thats basically it. Life lately has been pretty great.

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