Last night was, without a doubt, one for the books.
For weeks the guys had been planning & keeping nearly all of the details of our evening a secret. Being teased that we were going to Del Taco for dinner was pretty much a daily occurrence. But we were all pleasantly surprised as the night went on.
we received this little message at the beginning & headed out to the BRAND NEW (like 2 day old new) mall feeling so hopeful and excited for what the evening was to bring.
Dylan & Jacob win for best ties. Me and Syd don't mess around.
⅝ of the girl gang
homecoming wouldn't have been complete without polaroids.
 I had the most wonderful time + the most wonderful date. Thanks, Dylan, for being such a gentleman and giving me the best time. Last night was unforgettable.

And I really just couldn't resist throwing the 2 seconds of video we managed to get into this little gem...


Brooke Petersen said...

Ok you're so cute and I love your blog and I want to be your best friend. That's it k bye

Martha said...

Where did you get your dress?❤️

Madison Pritt said...

My dress was from Macy’s but the brand is BCBGeneration! I got it on sale FOREVER ago. I hope this helped! Thanks for reading!!