I am absolutely convinced that the only thing in this world that the two most last minute things in the universe are English essays to turnitin.com and Halloween costumes. All in a few hours I was mary poppins, the statue of liberty, a ninja, someone from duck dynasty (?), a witch, and then finally a sheep. Not to mention the spontaneous last minute sheep ears (because just wooly sweaters on their own were not good enough). Literally minutes before it was time to go we were hot glueing cotton balls to ear shaped bubble wrap cutouts. Yes, bubble wrap. But I'm happy to say the flock really came through.
 Wishing you a fantastic Halloween from my herd to yours. 
 I still don't know what these two were supposed to be
look closely… ^^
we couldn't have asked for a better farmer. 
This night was so grand I could've jumped for joy. Hannah actually did.

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