"so… we don't usually do this… but happy birthday!" -our Serendipity waiter as he handed me this delicious plate of chocolate covered something
For me, the buildup to turn sixteen has been huge. Being the youngest (by a LOT) of my entire friend group it is a combination of jealousy and longing watching all of your friends experience this grand day. It is so surreal to think that it has actually come and gone. My 16th consisted of surprise room decorations, a failed drivers test, birthday pizzas, chocolate waffles in bed, first dates, a whole lot of strawberry sour belts + sour gummy worms, and a little bit of sweet, sweet, serendipity 3 the day after my birthday.  So thank you to everyone who helped in making my 5,840th day of life one I'll never forget.
 love my Syd.
 and who wouldn't want to come home to this on their birthday? I have the most wonderful family in the world.
and I'll never forget the night I turned sixteen (Friday) and celebrated with a "birthday pizza". Thank you everyone who took part in making my birthday so spectacular. I am so blessed to have the most wonderful friends + family in the world who make me feel so loved on this special day. 

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