Is This Real Life?

A few weeks ago when I uploaded the Share Goodness video I knew that it would get an amazing turn out. And thanks to so many wonderful youth in my ward & supportive friends to help pass it along, we were able to share it with so many people. However, I never expected that we would get this kind of reaction. 
I received an email from Sarah (a writer for deseretnews.com who is just about the most amazing lady in the entire world) saying that she came across the video and wanted to talk to us about how we got the idea, the process of making it, our reactions to the reactions, etc. I was overjoyed at the possibility of this and without hesitation agreed to set up a time for her to call us. 
I'll never forget how excited Sydney & I were while we sat in my car after school as my phone started to ring. 
^^ the faces of two girls who just got interviewed by Deseret News

I feel so blessed to have been able to make this little video and even more blessed to watch it spread so far. I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father has a grand plan. There is a specific reason why he put the technology and social media we have today on the Earth. What a privilege it is to play a small part in the incredible work that is going on in these days. 

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