Life lately has really been happening… I don't know how else to even put it. And I contemplated even posting this because of the randomness/spontaneity of it all, but eventually I decided that I don't ever want to forget this week. The past 7 days have been exciting beyond what words can even express. Below are a few hilights that I was fortunate enough to get some sort of picture of...
above is one of the most basic pictures you probably will ever see. But that's ok because it captures one of the first places that I drove myself… Starbucks with Hannah & Syd. We couldn't help but marvel over the fact that ALL of us now have keys.
 I passed. Enough said.
 Annual free Krispy Kreme day. If you come dressed as a pirate you get a dozen free of charge :)
 please take note of all the lovely couples in this picture ^^ and then me. (it's ok though because Eliza let me hold her giant flower)
& this is happening so get excited for October 11th.

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Brynn Taylor (Brynntypes) said...

Hi Madi! I know you don't know me but i seriously LOVE your blog. its the cutest thing ever. And we (my sister and i) listen to your mix tapes ALL the time. thanks for being a great inspiration (blog wise;)