I was able to spend the past week on a final-trip-of-the-summer adventure to the beautiful city that stands tall, nestled on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. From the symbolic architecture to the green trees surrounding the sidewalks Chicago is full of wonder and truly beautiful. I was finally able to really feel the city scene- the sounds of the metro trains zooming past you, the chaos of everyone trying to get everywhere all at once, and the crazy foot pain that inevitably comes after spending an entire day walking yourself from one adventure to the next. These pictures/video are so I never forget the good times, bad times, and silliness that occurred as we ate, explored, and photographed our way through Chicago, possibly my new favorite place.
(video at the bottom of the post)
Quote of the trip: "well, according to pinterest we did everything we were supposed to do…"
 We took a ride to the top of the Willis Tower. It was there that we stood on a panel of glass 103 stories high. I was actually a lot more scared in real life than I look in this picture
 I walked by this beautiful little place to the left of the art museum with the "Fountain of the Great Lakes" sculpture and it just seemed so picturesque. We were in a hurry and didn't have time to stop by and check it out but somehow a little later on in the day we found ourselves in the same area and I'm SO glad that we did. The blue of the fountain surrounded by all of the green trees created such a lovely scene.
A little bit through the trip my polaroid got jammed somehow and I had to take the film out and do some surgery. During that time the sun clearly got to it-- but I actually like the light leaks on all the pictures this little incident made 
 dinner on the lake was so gorgeous
the Art Institute of Chicago was by far my favorite stop...
…so was sprinkles

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