I am the kind of person who hates change. I love little days when something fun happens or simply a small temporary venture from the everyday routine occurs. But as far as drastic, season of life altering, change I hate it. I never fail to adapt to my new routine and settle into it, but the first few days/weeks during the transition period is always brutal. I find myself missing how life was before. I think maybe the idea that my life can never be the same again, the memories/friendships/routine can never exist again, scares me a bit. I get this way with changes as big as summer ending and school starting and, to an extent, as small as coming home from two weeks on vacation. During large changes I feel vulnerable and exposed as I am experiencing my new routine. Change is very outside of my comfort zone (even though I am fully aware that it is outside of that little box of comfort that all the magic happens).

But eventually I realize that despite my unsettledness I can be ok and I adjust. When just taking it one day at a time, after a while you are so used to the change you don't even notice. And you look back on your life in that previous position and, with an overall perspective, are able to realize all the good and growth that has come from that change. After all, though I jokingly say I might want to, I wouldn't enjoy living the rest of my life exactly the way I do now. I have new seasons of life to conquer and new adventures to experience. The entire point of our existence would be defeated if whenever a smidgen of the unusual occurred we hid in our white sheets and cried while watching 500 Days of Summer. Change is just a stepping stone in between where I am now and who I intend to become. And sometimes that transition is awkward and uncomfortable but I find comfort in the thought that the best days of my life are yet to come, in the hope that things usually have a way of working out for those who honestly do the best that they can (though usually at their own time and in a way you didn't expect), and also in thoughtful words like these. So I thought I would share a few with you. Enjoy!

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