August In Small Squares:

I loved nearly every second of the past 30 days. The walking the city streets of downtown Chicago, the end of summer memories made swimming for nearly the entire last week of summer, the celebrating of birthdays, my car (probably the hilight of this year/my entire life), and of course, even though it was dreadful in itself, the first day of junior year. I'm happy to close this month and move on with life though. Nearly every day for the last week I have almost broken into tears (but not really) whenever I look at my August calendar labeled with vacations, lake days, and meet ups for breakfast. It just makes me sad to think that that wonderful period of life known as summer 2014 is over. I think it will help me to transition back into school and it's treachery to box August up and put it on a shelf to pull out someday later on. So with that said, goodbye August, I'll miss you.