What A Week

 This past week I got to spend the best seven days I think I'll have all summer with the lovely Sydney and some incredible new friends. EFY has always contained some of my best summer memories these past few years. You grow so much spiritually while getting a whole new family for the week. It is incredible how close you can get with a person in just a matter of short days. I really never wanted to leave this place. And with that grand time my phone gained at least 400 pictures:
 upon arrival + day one
 words can not even express how much I LOVE this picture. I think the best part was that it was just a spontaneous selfie while we were playing games with our group and it turned out being one of the best pictures we took all week.
the creamery is always a delight. Summer bucket list check 
 one of the best adventures we had this week was having EFY tradition, game night, in the rain
(I really wish that I was actually in this picture) ^^
"the poster we made looks a little gay-prideish with all those colors" -Me
"yeah, I really like the man in the skirt holding the trumpet" -James
  green face takeover
 yummy (and super messy) shaved ice
 Thursdays are without a doubt the best day of the week at EFY. Wearing our nice clothes brings the spirit and makes for an absolutely unforgettable experience as we go throughout the day. One of my favorite parts has always been Thursday night when we all stand up and sing the EFY Medley together.  There is always something so touching about us all standing and singing such a profound song together as a group. I get chills every time without fail.
 Amanda, Rachel, Syd, Abby, Me, + Summer featuring "the hedge"
thanks for the memories. I'll remember this outstanding week for the rest of my life

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