Make A Keychain

 A super exciting thing has been happening lately and that is nearly all my friends have gotten or are about to get their drivers licenses. So more and more lately I have found myself scrolling through pinterest on the hunt for some cute keychains to give as gifts/keep for myself and I was so inspired by this pin and this one I decided to try it out myself. They turned out pretty splendid if you ask me.
You will need:
+ key rings (probably the most important)
+ craft floss (for the ombre tassel I used twine)
+ a strip of leather
+ a hot glue gun

You'll also need some scissors, a piece of cardboard/notebook/something to wrap the string around.
+ fabric dye (if you want to make an ombre tassel)

 making a tassel is super simple:

  1. First off, wrap the string around a piece of cardboard. The more you wrap around the thicker the tassel will be (I personally like mine somewhere in between thick and thin)
  2. After you pull the string off, take a separate piece of the same color string (or not) and tie a knot in it in the very middle
  3. Fold it in half so the string you tied in step two is at the top of the tassel. Then snip the ends so they aren't connected anymore
  4. Take another separate piece of string and tie it about a fourth of the way down the tassel. (Tie it then circle the pieces around a couple times then tie it again to make it super secure)
to make the ombre keychain on the far left I referred to this tutorial
I loved the look of mixing different colored tassels with the leather.

for the leather tassel:
*You want to first cut slits in the leather. I bought my piece already cut so I skipped this step :)

  1. take one of the pieces you cut (two if you want to be safe) and loop it through the key ring. You'll want to glue this down and cut off the extra so the little short pieces don't stick out
  2. put a dot of glue on the side of those pieces and start rolling. Then just continue until it's all rolled up. I ended up adding a second strip of leather to make it a little bit thicker.
  3. thats really it :)

 Seriously these keychains just make me so much more excited to get my own set of keys very soon :))

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