July In Small Squares:

I truly can't even begin to describe how much I loved July. Really, if my life could stand still and be stationary in one of the moments that occurred throughout the past 31 days I would be completely content- 
The moment that I was nearly hyperventilating out of fear when I was about to step off of a 70+ foot cliff and walk down it with nothing but a rope to save me, the moment I finally got to the bottom of that cliff and both relief and pride flooded through me as I screamed and giggled about what I had just done to the friends surrounding me, the moment that I was put into a full body harness and strapped to a tall tower as it was explained to me how to catch little (and some large) girls after racing down a zip line at a million miles per hour. Or the priceless moment that my filthy, dirt covered, camp fire smelling body returned home to a glorious shower after a week of treacherous camping. 
The moment when I rolled my suitcase up to the New Heritage Hall No. 27 ready for & anticipating what was about to become one of the best weeks of my entire summer, or even the moment when I rolled my suitcase out of New Heritage Hall No. 27 and exchanged hugs and goodbyes to all of the many new friends I had gotten to know and come to love that week. 
The moment that me and Sydney finally bit into our crispy, delicious, whipped cream topped, caramel covered waffles, any of the moments we shared with our little temporary twin beds pushed together in the middle of a dorm room while we had heart to hearts. Or one of the moments within the 8 hours we spent together at the SLC airport browsing gift shops, treating ourselves to life saving Starbucks and Cafe Rio, singing the "Sarah Brown song" and catching up on the latest Bachelorette episodes on the tiny screen of Syd's phone while we waited for our insanely delayed flight.
The moment the New York New York roller coaster flew downwards and I felt weightless. Or the moment hearing Landyn sitting to the left of me yell over the screams of others and screeching tracks on the roller coaster, "I'M GONNA LOOK SO TURNT IN THIS PICTURE" as a bright flash went off. The moment I walked the streets of downtown Las Vegas with incredibly sore feet and some of my nearest and dearest as I bit into a delicious red velvet Sprinkles cupcake.
Even the moment when I was floating in the lake with Landyn + Savannah after we had gone cliff jumping and in a blur of panic, deep reaches, splashes (and stupidity on my part) I watched our brand new Go-Pro sink to the bottom of Lake Mead. 
I'll miss this grand and memorable month. The days until school starts are easily countable (24) and that is depressing. But I know I'll cherish the time that this July has given me for a while. After all, it's not every day (or month) that you can say you survived girls camp, spent a third of your day in an airport, tracked down and ate at the iconic Waffle-Love, had the time of your life at EFY, rode the best roller coaster in Vegas, treated yourself to a sprinkles cupcake, and lost your dad's Go-Pro in the depths of a lake. 

(if you actually read through this entire post I seriously applaud you)

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