Reason number 5,245,754 to love summer: I can take little adventures to a wonderful place called Tivoli  (you might remember from this lovely post) to have a mini photo shoot. It was such a perfect day for just this. The skies were actually a bit overcast and in a huge twist of events it wasn't 110 degrees outside. I mean, what else would you want to do on a day like today?
my favorite shot of the day^^
 a new store opened up in Tivoli called Paper Source and it might just be my new favorite thing. The beautiful display windows adorned with paper flowers caught my eye and somehow we wandered in. Upon entering we found they were having a fun little crafting event where we could sample and use their gold stamps & letterpress machines to make bookmarks. So of course we did.
i'm pretty sure Gabrielle was a model in a past life
aaand we finished off the day by getting my favorite candy in the world (strawberry sour belts)

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