A Hot Weather Treat

I am not known to spend very much time in the kitchen. But sometimes I come across a pin like this and happen to go to target that same day and then a fun little project like this comes about. 
It seems according to pinterest, popsicles are all to rave about. These little strawberry, orange, & banana layered ones are perfect for the summer time and so delicious.

I first blended up the smoothie recipes above then poured each layer into the popsicle mold over time. (ex: strawberry layer, let that freeze for an hour, add orange layer, etc.) I also added in a couple diced strawberries which tasted super yummy when I bit into them with the orange layer

 I think the key element in these delectable popsicles was the little bit of strawberry syrup. It was super easy to make too. Just add…
+a half cup of water
+a few diced strawberries
+a half cup of sugar
*note: the more sugar you add the more gooey and sticky the syrup will get (a.k.a. add a lot of sugar)
put it all in a pot over a burner and stir occasionally

my favorite layer by far was the orange flavored. Enjoy!

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