Summer Bucket List

i have found that it can be a little bit hard to be productive during the summer time (but who can blame anyone-- school is out and a break is well deserved). After a few weeks of doing nothing but taking day trips, making videos of those day trips, pinning, hanging out with friends, and netflix marathons i feel a need for new adventures. 

and thats where the summer bucket list comes in. It is essential to keep goals, ideas, and adventures in mind even during the lazy season. i am the kind of person that finds it so helpful to write things down and make lists of tasks, ideas, etc. and i especially love when that list happens to be wonderfully designed. 
i can't wait to add to my list throughout the summer as thoughts/ideas come to me and i especially can't wait to do all these things. Print one out for yourself too if you wish 
directions to print:
right click the image above > select open image in new tab > in that tab click file print 

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