Goodbye Sophomore Year (a glorious summer begins)

I still remember vividly on the first day of school after I had made it through day one, I went outside with a few friends to take some pictures to preserve the memory of that first day. It was raining (which is completely out of the ordinary) and we joked agreed that the rain was a bad omen of the coming year. The funny thing is that we had no idea how real that omen was. This year was undoubtedly the hardest year yet. I could not be more grateful that I never have to take another chemistry test again (literally crying for joy). I learned a lot this year- though none of those things were taught to me by teachers. Even though I am still kind of in the middle of high school I'm now closer to the finish line than I am to the start and that is something to celebrate. A little part of me I think will still miss this time of my life. This wonderful, dreadful, trying, spectacular year. I can't wait to see what new adventures this summer has to bring. The best is yet to come.

*this could quite possibly be my favorite video that i have made to date.

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