Coronado Summer Flow

I am unimaginably happy that it is finally that lovely time called summer. Maybe it's because I get to wake up at 10 every day or because I don't have to get migraines from late night study sessions. Maybe it's the summer flow (a term to describe the way all pictures & videos posted in summer are perfectly sunny and colorful and beautiful) or just because everything in general is better during summer. The long days and saturated colors just make June and July so wonderful. One of my favorite things about this gorgeous season is being able to take little weekend adventures to beautiful places. Just off the coast of Sand Diego is the spectacular island of Coronado. It's only a plane ride (thanks, Dad, for letting us use your job for free getaways), shuttle bus, ten minute walk, and fairy boat ride away from my home. We had such a fantastic time riding bikes on the beach, sampling delicious cupcakes, and of course taking videos & 500 pictures (not an exaggeration). It was a perfect way to start off this summer + add to the summer flow.

 bike rides on the island are an absolute joy
^^ without a doubt, one of my favorite shots of the trip
one of my favorite things about california is how green it is (a deep contrast to the las vegas desert)
mom said she wouldn't buy me the overpriced cupcake unless i posted about it 
 family celfie
 & a day was spent playing tourist and exploring WWII aircraft carriers
and what summer adventure would be complete without a video?
Coronado on vimeo

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