Happy Mother's Day

I am incredibly grateful, today especially, for such a fantastic mother. I'm grateful for the little things. I'm grateful for when she puts little notes of encouragement in my lunch on days I have tests, for when she practically puts her life at risk to let me drive somewhere (just kidding). I'm grateful for when she wakes up before the crack of dawn to make sure I'm all ready to go and start my day, I'm grateful for when she helps me find the silver lining in a situation, for when she lays in my bed and comforts me when the day has pureed me into a melancholy milkshake. Her stunning sacrifice and acts of selflessness always astound me. She is an inspiration & a role model. She taught me to love others and to love myself. She is every lovely adjective I could ever think of and more. I owe so much of who I have become to her and I only hope that someday I can become as great as she is. Heavenly Father knows I wouldn't be able to make it through the thick and thin of this exhilarating, dreadful, and wonderful life without her. I love you past the moon and back mom.

Mom from Madison P on Vimeo.

if you want to see an outstanding video about moms go here -it gives me chills every time

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