So many unforgettable memories were made this month as sophomore year got closer and closer to the end (3 more days of finals then DONE!) There is just a wonderful atmosphere towards the end of the year. I don't know how else to describe it besides the happy-Christmas-spirit only the happy-its-almost-summer-spirit. We celebrated the last full day of 10th grade, the last lunch, and the last before school starbucks run. Never forget that one time we spontaneously went to Dan Reynold's house and took pictures in the "platinum room" (!!!) I actually had fun in chemistry and made some delicious ice cream, finished off the year in student council with a wonderful banquet, had a little preview to the coming months with a boating trip, and celebrated little Gabrielle's birthday and mother's day. 
*please ignore the fact that I am wearing the same striped dress in 4 of these pictures...

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