Spring Break

I had a wonderful time venturing to Utah this spring break for some cousin bonding/family visiting/road trip adventuring. While most ideal visions of spring break consist of beaches in California and little glimpses of the heat that is yet to come this little journey was definitely one for the books (I'll take any chance I get to spend some time with these cuties). Some hilights included strolling around temple square which is now beautiful and in full bloom, visiting great grandma + pa in Idaho, discovering that I personally am not very fond of the state of Idaho, looking through some old pictures of Grandma's, and of course doing a little shopping. A few snapshots of the trip can be found below.

there is just something about temple square in the spring time that absolutely elates me
I mean seriously, have you ever seen cuter faces?
we had a wonderful time going around City Creek to do some shopping & picture taking
looking through some of Grandma's old pictures was quite a joy
& I may or may not have read the entire book of TFiOS out loud to my mom throughout the course of our 6 hour road trip

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