Battle of the Sexes

Battle week is basically just an excuses to wear super fun/embarrassing things to school for five days. The girls & boys compete and are judged according to who dresses up/participates the most, etc. (and of course for the second year in a row the girls won) And what better theme for this year than 50's/Grease. It was adorable. These times are just so special to me. To me this is what I'm going to look back on and remember about high school- participating in these little traditions.

Monday- beach day
people hate taking polariods (apparently the hassle of finding correct lighting, waiting for it to develop, only getting one chance at perfection, etc. isn't worth it) but I'm glad they put up with me and we take them anyways :)
Wednesday- Mathletes vs. athletes day (obviously we gravitated towards being mathletes)
Thursday- Pink ladies day
Friday- Assembly day
& the door decorating committee was a huge success, if I do say so myself. 
(or at least it was until the winds came and blew it down whoops)

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