Sweet Serendipity (Happy Sweet 16 Lex!)

Located on the Las Vegas Strip just adjacent to the iconic fountains of Caesars Palace is the delightful little restaurant known as Serendipity 3 where one of my dearest friends would celebrate her sweet sixteen. We indulged in their famous frozen hot chocolate, celebrated Lexi's advance into sixteenhood, ate until we all felt like we would burst with the most delectable food and desserts, and of course documented these exceptional moments with a million pictures + videos. It was such an outstanding night! Lexi, thank you for being the Meredith to my Christina, putting up with all of my idiosyncrasies, and planning such a spectacular evening.  

how cool is Lexi wearing the same dress as LC?
(she isn't actually Jewish. We just really wanted to lift her in a chair)
sore feet has become a signature thing of ours… it's actually kind of an issue

and thank you Sydney for inspiring me to last minute document the occasion with a video.

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