A Gatsby Soiree

Whisper the password, enter the speakeasy, come as a flapper, comas you are, come as a dapper gent or a silent screen star. There could be no more perfect a way to celebrate my dear friend Sydney & her friend Rylee's 16th birthday. We dressed up (in the way that I would love to be able to dress everyday) and danced all night. Even though my heels were off a half hour into the night, I don't think my feet have ever hurt so much. It was most definitely NOT your average cliche 1920's party. The entire evening can be summarized in these pictures and the following sentence: a little party never killed nobody.

one of my favorite shots of the night ^
what a mighty fine bunch

and what party would be complete without a video?

I am so blessed to have such a lovely friend like you Syd. Thank you for the splendid night- it is without a doubt one for the books

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