Art Post #7

I love the opportunity Sundays and the weekend give me to relax and take a pause of the stresses of life. It is an outstanding time to just paint. This weekend (especially because I was feeling way less than 100% and had my contagious self quarantined to my room) I did a LOT of watercoloring. Below are a few of my favorites. 
Of course this weekend there was also the winter formal. The result of being expected to dress like this is everybody having an ensemble that looks something like this. Its not good. (but ya know I'm not complaining… modest is hottest and everything) However, a select few looked absolutely stunning. Even though I (along with the other unfortunate 15 year olds) couldn't go to formal this year I was so inspired by some of the dresses the girls wore. 
Savannah's dress was especially lovely. 

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hercstall said...

Madison, your talents continue to blow me away. I am amazed at what you can do, and the things that come so easily to you. Keep developing them, and you will find that they will just multiply. Proud of you and all you do. Proud to be your Dad. Love you kiddo.