Paris is my absolute favorite place on Earth. Theres just something about Europe altogether that is so incredibly endearing to me. Sadly enough I only speak from experience I've had through seeing pictures. However, today me and Lexi took one of our Saturday adventures down to a place that is basically as close as we will get to the Eiffel Tower for a while- the Paris resort on the strip! We had such a fun time eating a little lunch and experiencing a view of Las Vegas from the top of the eiffel tower. Today was so so lovely and the pictures turned out pretty amazing too.
thank you to the sweetest little photographer out there for capturing our day in such a beautiful as well as artistic manor. I love you Gabs.
Lunch at Mon Ami Gabi was superb. So was the lemonade.
we just wanted to take a picture but then it was like the whole population of Las Vegas took a little trek across the camera screen.
we attempted a synchronized-jumping-off-the-tower-leg picture. It didn't work.
Going up to the top of this little Eiffel Tower just makes me want to enjoy a view of Europe from these heights even more.
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